#1J Peoples United against Troika – Vienna Assembly of the suitcase

En el marco de las protestas europeas contra la austeridad, la deuda, la dictadura económica y la crisis sistémica a la que se nos está sometiendo y en respuesta a la convocatoria internacional de Lisboa para protestar contra la troika (Comisión Europea, Banco Central Europeo y el Fondo Monetario Internacional) JSF-Viena y Solidarity4all-Vienna han decidido participar organizando una asamblea abierta el 1 de junio a las 16:00, en frente del MuseumsQuartier. Esta es una invitación a la discusión y el debate descentralizados y abiertos sobre lo que podemos hacer aquí en Viena. Tod+s aquell+s interesad+s en unirse a nosotr+s y a participar son bienvenid+s. Buscamos la participación de los diferentes sectores sociales involurados en la lucha común contra estas medidas y este sistema.

Desde el comienzo de la crisis, much+s de nosotr+s nos hemos visto obligad+s a dejar nuestros países debido a la situación económica actual. El trabajo precario y la inmigración económica implican graves formas de explotación y ponen de manifiesto la necesidad urgente de reaccionar, resistir y organizarse. Por ello, consideramos necesaria la creación de redes y la fusión con la sociedad civil local y otros movimientos de exiliados económicos, para luchar juntos y romper la división artificial que se ha impuesto entre los pueblos del Norte y del Sur. De esta forma queremos responder junt+s contra esta moderna forma de explotación. Por todos estos motivos hemos convocado la “asamblea de las maletas”, una asamblea abierta, horizontal y basada en el consenso. Os invitamos a tod+s a llevar vuestras maletas y decorarlas con lemas o imágenes acerca de la crisis, la austeridad y demás cuestiones relacionadas que se os ocurran.

No al golpe de estado financiero. No debemos, no pagamos.

Desde el norte hasta el sur de Europa, vamos a tomar las calles contra la austeridad!

Todo el mundo es bienvenido!

S4A Vienna & JSF Viena

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Declaración de intenciones

We are not merchandises in the hands of political rulers and bankers

We are a group of young Spanish immigrants; some were forced to leave due to the economic situation and the lack of employment, whilst others had the option to choose. What we have in common is that the actual government, and the related EU austerity policies that are being imposed upon us, are eliminating the possibility of a decent and free future in our homeland, condemning us to exploitation and precariousness. Making that day after day, growing numbers of persons are forced to leave the country and look for a better future abroad. Emigration is never an easy decision, nor a pleasant one. That is why we say: we are not leaving, they are kicking us out!

The dramatic austerity measures are completely dismantling in a couple of years the already weakened – during the last two decades – Spanish welfare state, eliminating the rights (social, labour, economic, political, etc.) that the previous generations fought for during the end of 70’s and 80’s (the Transition to ‘democracy’ and the first years of ‘democratic’ regime). The economic crisis in Spain was caused by a failed development model whose recipe was a mix between short-sighted greed of the economic elites, widespread political corruption and complicity and the dysfunctional powers of the state (judicial, legislative, executive), that did nothing to stop this.

Now they blame the Spanish population for something that this one is not responsible for. They want to make us pay for a crisis that we didn’t create. The ‘organised irresponsibility’ of the State and the banking sector, allowed the injection of massive public resources to save the banks (turning the private debt into public state debt) and now they are demanding, in a cynical way, that the Spanish people have to pay for the failure of this casino capitalism that enriched just a few. They pretend that we have to accept silently and passively while our public social services, and our rights, are being taken away from us. And unfortunately, this is happening in many countries; Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, and others outside the EU borders, are also being victims of this massive fraud that the neoliberal exits to the crisis represent. Hence, suffering the extortion of the global financial institutions.

We will not accept this with resignation. That is why we say: it’s not a crisis, it’s a swindle. It is a massive fraud. It is their debt and therefore: we don’t owe anything, we don’t pay! We are not going to bear for the criminal excesses of the banking sector, and the corrupt political class, we won’t pay for your crisis! This is not a democracy and they do not represent us: not as long as institutions (like the IMF, European Central Bank, Deutsche Bank, etc…), that we haven’t voted for, are taking the decisions that affect our lives. We will not stand still while they are stealing our future. We will organize; we will unite and fight back, from wherever we are exiled.

As immigrants in Vienna our objectives are multiple:

  • To make sure that we build a social tissue of mutual support among the Spanish migrant community. The landing here is never easy and we need to support each other. No one should be left behind.
  • To create public political awareness, among the Austrian youth, and among the Viennese population, of what is really happening in our countries. To denounce the hypocrisy of the Spanish government, that has become a complete illegitimate, undemocratic and authoritarian government, which rule through the imposition of a hidden agenda that was never approved by the population. It’s themselves that should leave!
  • To network with other migrant communities, and promote self-organisation in order to defend and demand our rights as migrants, and to assure mutual support and solidarity.
  • To look for the active solidarity of the working people of Austria. Their elites are also heading in the same direction (‘flexibilization’ of the labour market and progressive & silent dismantlement of the welfare state), and are plotting in their backs and against the interests of the majority. It is already happening: it is a global and European crisis. We migrants won’t be the scapegoats of the political and economic elites (neither of our home countries, nor of Austria) with the aim of distracting the attention from what they are really doing.
  • Organize different type of events to make visible that as citizens of the EU, and as citizens of the world, we want to participate in the political live of Austria. We live here now. We want to have a say: we have political rights.

We believe that another social and economic model – and another world – is possible.

Let’s build it together. Join, organize yourself and be part of this movement.